Cool Websites and Tips (edition #2)

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

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Anonymous said...

Why doesn’t anyone mention that allows illegal carriers to scam not only money from people but they have many carriers that have stolen household goods, motorcycles, etc???

They are nothing but a portal for scammers and thieves. If you want to take the gamble that your items will get stolen or maybe just your money. use uship or should I say uScam. Last month there has been over $20,000 in scams on that poor site.

If you read through their forums you will also see that they are known to remove posts too. That way when people such as yourself search, you will not find out about issues like this.

If you do a search on uship for “remove post” you will see that it happens alot and they hide as much of the illegal activity they can.

It is not a peer to peer network nor are they a neutral venue, they are harboring illegal activity and hiding it by censoring their forums.

I stand by that they are not underrated but overrated. Thank you for having this site so people can read about this ongoing issue.

Look at this carrier if you want to see a scam that went on after they were warned:

Here is a site that has posted a few of the scammers from

John said...

Hey Anonymous,

lol.. you wouldn't happen to be promoting you're own website and trying to slander you're competition would you? The fact that you are able to link to profiles on their site with bad feedback shows they're running a transparent marketplace.. I use eBay a lot and have heard great things about uShip (although I've never used them myself). Open marketplaces aren't perfect (eBay has plenty of Fraud itself) but they are here to stay and offer a tremendous value if you're smart enough to do your research.

Noah said...

lol, you go ahead and use them then, to each their own. The problem is that people do not do research until it is too late. uship makes it very difficult to get help from scammers nor do they do anything to stop it until they have collected many commissions. I have no association with any site and it is only slander when it is false. eBay is up to their ass in a major lawsuit right now but they do have measures in place to help people or to remove scammers in a timely fashion. uship does neither. All you have to do is go through their forum and look at people who say that their post was deleted or that uship is not helping. You tell me that ebay is that way. If uship was an open marketplace then I would not bitch, but they are baised and one sided. You need more proof of that? I can find more links from other sites too to support this factual claim. uship has no show me another site where you get cheated by illegal carriers, have product stolen and then the scammers turn around and create new accounts to scam again. I bet there is no other site out there like this one!


Boris said...

If people don't research, that's their problem.

Anonymous said...

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