POSH - Plain Old Semantic HTML

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

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Anonymous said...

Helping people, who not only create but write for websites, understand what an outline is and how to use/create an outline, is the perfect way to go.

Write a speach. Start with an outline.

Write a paper. Start with an outline.

Write a book. Start with an outline.

Write an article. Start with an outline.

That's usually how i help even professional writers to understand web. It sounds insane, but the web still seems like a beast to some writers.

Web creators can take this article to task before entering the industry and it should be a prerequisite for all webdesigners/devs, too.

Great work.:)

Luke Dorny

Matthias Willerich said...

while going nuts about semantics, I found Anne's article very helpful. He's arguing that you shold be using divs in a way that your site will still stand and validate when you take them out:


Web Designer said...

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