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Friday, February 22, 2008

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Jay Gilmore said...

First, I want to be open about the fact that I am a member of the MODx Marketing Team (just recently).

I'd like address your questions as they relate to MODx.

I came to MODx almost 2 years ago as a Web Designer looking for a CMS to take my sites forward. The learning curve was moderate but worthwhile. Now as my PHP MySQL skills improve, I have seen how flexible it is in allowing me to integrate PHP any any number of ways and interact with the API at many locations but never needing to do that unless I want to create more from my site.

As far as Valid output is concerned, MODx will output whatever you put in for a template, templates are XHTML, HTML and CSS or Tag Soup if you want. Using Smarty-like tags you can insert your dynamic or static content calls as needed.NO BLACK BOXES anywhere (whatever that is).

On the accessibility of the management interface: This one I am not certain of the extent of accessibility or deficiencies. That is something that should be considered by someone who may need it. In future versions of MODx--0.9.7 the manager interface will be fully customisable.

Feel free to try it out. As do many Open Source communities MODx has a wonderful and responsive forum to help out all newcomers from newbs who are just learning HTML/CSS (who have other challenges ahead) to accomplished web app developers.


Jay (aka smashingred)

Anonymous said...


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