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Monday, March 17, 2008

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FromTheTop said...

Senator Obama and Michelle attended Rev. Jeremiah Wright's church for twenty years. They were married by Rev. Wright and the Obama children were baptized by Rev. Wright and I believe the children must have heard the preacher also.

You must believe those recent videos of Rev. Jeremiah Wright are not the only video's of this egotistical man. He is not ashamed of his diatribes of pure racism against America, whites and Jews. He is retiring from the pulpit, but he will attend Trinity Church and I imagine, on occasion, he will preach a sermon for some extra pocket change.

Major Garrett of FNS, "asked Obama if he had ever heard Wright's preach
Racism" [March 15, 2008]; Obama said, "No, he had not heard Wright make racist remarks until five months ago when the media released the video tapes". [October 2007]

Obama said, "If I thought that [racism] was the repeated tenor of the church then I wouldn't feel comfortable, but frankly that has not been my experience at Trinity United Church of Christ." Obama said, "He is like an uncle to me he helped me to find Christ". Rev. Wright said, "Jesus Christ was a black man born into a rich white man's world".

Former White House press Secretary Ari Fleischer summed up the Obama's lame excuses to Major Garrett when Fleischer said Obama's statements "are nothing more than that of a shrewd politician."

Now all we need is an investigative reporter who can produce just one video during the twenty year span and prove Obama and Michelle heard their great preacher spew his venom and hatred of America, whites and Jews before October 2007.

"Whatever evolves was first, created" - Jason Leverette, Patriot