Common 5 Web Standards Misconceptions

Tuesday, April 1, 2008
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I gave my spell checker the authority of a judge, feeling I have to argue my case at every fragment and semi colon bad usage. But personally my spell checker’s seriously disabled. For one, it’s an American and thus frequently masturbates over the letter z. Two, it loves to connect and split words when I like them the way they are. After I disagree with it’s correction and we move on, it not only highlights that expression not been in it’s Delaware Dictionary It goes back to it believing that I’ve collected my senses realised my misguided misgivings offering me the same standardization. This twat’s seriously deluded. It’s got no qualifications and it doesn’t even speak!

And while we’re here. Why do we hang onto odd things like Times New Roman. Romans didn’t even have Times New Roman cos it was invented in 1933. So why do we have to keep using it, it’s cottage cheese.

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