Blinksale Send Invoice Online

Thursday, April 19, 2007
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Sanjay Kumar said...

If you are evaluating Blinksale, you should also take a look at It's a much more intuitive way to invoice and get paid online. Best of all, it's free right now.

arkitekt said...

Sanjay thanks for your comment on - I wasn't aware of that product, I'm a user of Blinksale with disappointments on how the invoices appear on the various email platforms, it's a great product but I'm looking forward to an update that addresses some much needed features, and design issues when it comes to the email view in programs other than Outlook. It's sad to see what webmail clients like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo etc do to the beautifully designed invoices that exist for Blinksale (and too I have just tested it too).

SimplifyThis and Blinksale both have their benefits --- I would be hard to mark either one as the clear winner at this point in my mind... and for me I'm already invested in using Blinksale for close to a year now, but I would recommend anyone looking to start today, really test out the different type of configurations you need in the first 30 days --- because we realized a lot of limitation in Blinksale for our specific needs, after the fact.